How to dry wet boots quickly

We all know that the British summertime usually involves a bit of rain! Whatever the season, there’s almost always going to be some days when you’ll need to dry your boots at the end of the day, and have them warm and dry ready for the morning…

There is one problem with boots that a lot of owners come across; when they get wet, they take a very long time to dry. This is because they’re often made of thick materials, such as leather, and it can take a while for them to dry naturally.

Read on to find out how to dry your boots quickly and effectively to maintain maximum comfort, prevent damage, and avoid bacterial and odour build up!



To avoid permanent staining to the outer material after drying, it is important to start off by removing any dirt, muck or other contaminates from the surface of the boot. Use soapy water to remove the dirt, then tap dry with an old towel.


If you have removable insoles, take them out of your safety boots and place them aside to dry. This will allow air flow into the insole itself, and to circulate in and around the boot.


Using newspaper is one of the most efficient methods to dry your boots without stressing them. Carefully stuff the inside of your boot with scrunched newspaper and place somewhere warm to dry. Ensure boots are fully dried before wearing to avoid any moisture around the foot.



DITCH DIRECT HEAT – avoid unnecessary damage from force drying your boots with direct heat, such as heaters or hair dryers.

POLISH UP FOR PROTECTION – remember, natural oils in leather can be washed out when it regularly comes into contact with water, and if not replaced, the leather will crack. So be sure to use a renovating leather food to rejuvenate the leather and maintain its water resistant qualities!


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Credits: Icons from Flaticon, information from V12 Footwear