Respiratory Protection

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  • GE4-039

    CleanAir ABEP Combined Filter for AerGo Unit – 1 Pair

  • GE4-019

    CleanAir AerGo Waist Mounted Power Unit Complete

  • GE4-020

    CleanAir Basic Waist Mounted Power Unit Complete

  • GE4-030

    CleanAir CA-40G Safety Helmet with Protective Visor

  • GE4-021

    CleanAir Light Flexi Hose

  • GE4-026

    CleanAir P3 Filter for AerGo Power Unit – 1 Pair

  • GE4-028

    CleanAir P3 Filter for Basic Power Unit

  • GE4-022

    CleanAir Short Hood Headpiece. Blue

  • CleanAir UniMask

  • GE4-023

    CleanAir UniMask Faceshield. Grey

  • FA-M1200VC

    Delta Moulded FFP2 Valved Disposable Respirator. Box 10

  • FA-M1304

    Disposable P3 Valved Half Mask